Chicken Tractor

Chicken tractor.

Corvair Intake Cover

3D printed intake manifold cover for 110Hp Corvair engines.

SysNotify - Desktop Notification module for PyQt5

A pure Python system notification module for use with PyQt5 Linux desktop apps.

Transparent Window in Gtk+3

Example of how to make a fully transparent window in Gtk+3.

Dragable widgets in Gtk+3

Example showing how to make it possible to drag/reposition GTK+ widgets with the mouse.

Custom Gedit Style Gtk+3 HeaderBar with Fullscreen Toggle

Adding a fullscreen toggle button to the Gtk+3 HeaderBar widget.

Colored Formatter for Python's Logging Module

A custom colored formatter for Python's logging module.

3D Printed Epicyclic Bevel Gear Reducer

3D Printed Epicyclic Bevel Gear Reducer.

New Chuck Keys for the G0602

Making new chuck keys for the Grizzly G0602 lathe.

Heavy Duty Hole Saw Arbor

Making a heavy duty hole saw arbor for more precise drilling in iron and steel.